Monday, December 17, 2012

Pray for the Familes of Newtown, CT

In lieu of a make-up post today, I'm dedicating this post to the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  Let's keep them in our prayers, as they try to deal with this tragedy. #PrayForNewtown

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pores, Pores Go Away

Are you a victim of large facial pores? Does your face get so oily that it feels like you have oil wells pumping on it?  Well, the Perricone MD Intensive Pore Treatment is the product for you.  This treatment purifies the skin, unclogs the pores, and helps to firm the cell walls, restoring skin to its more youthful, naturally healthy state.  It also tightens pores and help control oil production. 
Apply this product twice a day, preferably morning and night, and you'll start to see a difference in your skin.   
Perricone MD Intensive Pore Treatment can be purchased from Sephora or   

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Balm Squad

Are you looking for a Lip Balm that will keep your lips moisturized and soft throughout the day?  Well, Fresh Sugar Lip Balm is your answer.  This lip balm is a blend of repairing oils, waxes and real sugars made to protect and heal your lips. So if you're having a hard time keeping your lips hydrated this Winter, in addition to drinking more water, try the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm.  I received this product as a Beauty Insider Gift from Sephora and it's been a great addition to my cosmetic collection. 
You can purchase the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm from  any Sephora store.  It comes in Translucent but if you want to add a little color to your lips, try one of the tinted colors.  You won't be disappointed with this product.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Oprah's Favorite Lancer Skincare Items

Would you like to have skin like Oprah?  Well now you can!  Oprah's Lancer Skincare Luxury Collection is a part of her Favorite Things List 2012.  This three (3) step skincare collection comes with  the following products:
  1. Polish: a gentle skin resurfacing treatment that contains a blend of natural sea minerals and exfoliating enzymes
  2. Cleanse: a gentle, light foaming cleanser enriched with natural exfoliating enzymes, moisture-rich hydrators and soothing agents
  3. Nourish: an anti-aging treatment supercharged with a multiple peptide complex and essential age-defying ingredients
The Lancer Skincare Luxury Collection is priced luxuriously at $250.00 and you may purchase the collection online at I know $250 is a lot of money for skincare, but when you have money like Oprah, spending $250 is probably like spending $25. :-) 

"My dermatologist recommended this skincare line. Not only does it do wonders for my complexion, but the elegant jars are making my bathroom counter look pretty fantastic, too."—Oprah

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oprah's Favorite Edward Bess Perfume

December's Fragrance of the Month is a part of Oprah's Favorite Things List 2012 and the fragrance is.......Eau La La by Edward Bess.  Prior to smelling this fragrance, Oprah was not a wearer of perfume, but Edward Bess, makeup maker extraordinaire, was able to change her mind when he made Eau La La.  From her review, Eau La La has a Gardenia scent with a hint of Vanilla.  Hopefully I can find this fragrance in a department store and try it.  I'm always looking for new scents to add to my collection.   
If you're looking for a a new fragrance to try this month, try Eau La La.  It cost $125 from Edward Bess website, but if you enter in Promo Code OPRAH, you can purchase it for $100.  (The promo code expires on Dec. 31, 2012.) 
"I'm not a perfume wearer, but makeup maker extraordinaire Edward Bess made a believer out of me. He blended the essence of Hawaiian gardenia with accents of vanilla musk and Italian bergamot just for me. Now he's doing it for you."—Oprah

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oprah's Favorite Lafco Soap Set

Another item from Oprah's Favorite Things List 2012 is the Lafco Soap Set.  Lafco is definitely your luxury brand soap.  Unlike your average brand of soap that may cost you $2-$3 a bar, a bar of Lafco soap will cost you $17!  This is NOT the soap you let your kids play with.  I would probably purchase Lafco Soap for a Spa Gift Basket or for a special house guest. 
After reading up on Lafco Soap, I found that this soap is very good for sensitive skin and skin that is prone to redness or irritation, because it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.  According to Lafco's website, this quadruple milled LAFCO soap has been specially formulated with a vegetable base using only cold pressed coconut oil which means that there are no traces of solvents.  

Lets read what Oprah has to say about The Lafco Soap Set:

"This luxuriously oversize, deliciously scented soap is my new go-to gift. I even brought a set to Mr. and Mrs. Colbert when I interviewed Stephen for Next Chapter."—Oprah
$238 for set of 14 soaps or $17 each |

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oprah Likes Tom Ford

Another cosmetic item that Oprah has on her 2012 List of Favorite Things, is Tom Ford Lipstick.  Now, I'm not a fan of lipstick, but if you know someone who is really into it and likes a good quality lipstick, then this will be the perfect gift for them.  I can only imagine how smooth and creamy this lipstick is.  Read below to see what Oprah has to say about Tom Ford Lipstick.

 Tom Ford Beauty Lipstick
"Because I have never met a Tom Ford lipstick I didn't want to take home, I've handpicked these four colors—Deep Mink, Casablanca, Sable Smoke, and Scarlet Rouge—to create a universally flattering palette; or you can choose from 18 shades to customize your own."—Oprah
$192 Neiman Marcus

Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Oprah!!!

Last night I picked up Oprah's O Magazine, so that I could see her 2012 List of Favorite Things AND Oprah's List of Favorite Things is definitely your Fantasy Christmas List!  She has all sorts of items on there that you could use for health, beauty, entertainment, fashion and just pure relaxation.  I remember watching her show and wishing I could be an audience member, so that I could receive those fancy gifts. BUT, that never happened!!  

For the next couple of days, I'm going to post an item from Oprah's List of Favorite Things and a description. Oprah was even kind enough to supply a discount code, if you're interested in purchasing the item. I can't wait to try some of these. 

Julep Nail Polish Set

"This limited edition white lacquer box includes 12 gorgeous, toxin-free nail polishes. I picked the colors myself- there's one for your every mood." - Oprah

Originally $168, now $84 with code OPRAH
 (expires Dec 31, 2012)